Erek, Traditional Tool of Grain Split from the Stalk

That afternoon the weather in Wates, Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta is quite hot. Incidentally it was my last day to travel photographing the event of family gathering as well as some products, a company engaged in the convection is quite modern by utilizing internet technology to market its products. While waiting for lunch before leaving for South Tangerang I took a walk with some RJ employees to the rice fields that happened to be close and also there are some farmers who are harvesting the rice fields.

One of the highlights is the activity of separating the grain from the stalk using a traditional tool called erek. Erek’s basic materials are wood, gear bikes complete with chains and pedals as well as nails that are plugged in a rotating board. The activity of separating the grain from the stalk is called Ngerek. Price Erek itself ranges from 300 to 500 thousand dollars although actually farmers can make their own traditional tools that remember the material is very easy to find and the circuit is not too complicated.

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