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10 Awesome Movies You Might Have Missed

Among newly released blockbusters, there are quite a few that can exceed our expectations. That is why we came up with a list of movies which turned out to be not only commercially successful but also managed to create an emotional connection with the audience.


Café Society

© Gravier Productions

The legendary Woody Allen steadily continues to release one movie a year. This time it is a story from the 1930s. A young man (Jesse Eisenberg) is trying to conquer Hollywood. He falls in love and falls into the epicenter of the high life. One can easily recognize Woody Allen’s signature style: light humor, a sophisticated picture, a little bit of sentiment, and lyrical musical compositions.


The Nice Guys

© Warner Bros.

The 1970s. Licensed PI Holland March and much-less-licensed private eye Jackson Healey have to unite their efforts to solve the case of a missing girl. However, they unexpectedly get involved in something that looks like the crime of the century.

The movie has some really great features: the mysterious ambiance, the brilliant Crow-Gosling duo, a wonderful sense of humor, and an intriguing storyline. There’s no doubt that this criminal comedy was one of the best movies of 2016, and it’s definitely worth seeing.


Swiss Army Man

© Tadmor

The main hero, Hank, finds himself on a deserted island. He is losing hope of getting away when suddenly luck smiles at him, and he finds the corpse of a young man by the name of Manny. Manny helps Hank to survive and gain his life back.

One can say that the events of the movie are really crazy. Maybe. But the storyline is really smart with a keen philosophic underlying idea. It’s worth seeing the result and the main attraction of Daniel Radcliffe, who skillfully played the corpse.



© Forecast Pictures

Based on true events, this is the story of the legendary African-American athlete Jesse Owens, whose incredible perseverance brought him to the world stage of the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Berlin. Despite hardships, the man managed to prove to the whole world that sport was higher than any prejudice. With his heroic example, he challenged the most horrible regime of the last century.

A sportive drama that will leave no one indifferent.


A Man Called Ove

© Film i Väst

This movie is an absolute Swedish blockbuster, based on the best-selling book, and it has been seen by almost 20% of the country’s population. Ove is an elderly nerd, a grumbler, and just a bore who strictly follows every single rule and forces everyone around to follow his example. In reality, he misses his late wife desperately and wants to unite with her in Heaven. But how can he commit suicide if a noisy international family lives nearby?


Sing Street

© Cosmo Films

And here is another nostalgic movie. This time, the events of the story are happening in the 1980s. Conor’s family affairs are quite strained, and his parents decide to transfer him to a public school. To impress the mysterious girl he likes, Conor decides to start a rock band.

This movie is about first love, growing up, passion for freedom, and, of course, music.



© Black Label Media

Davis is going through a terrible tragedy: his wife perished in a car accident. It is weird, but he cannot feel a thing except for an overwhelming desire to demolish everything, including his own house. This is a multilayered story which combines different genres.

The director and the cast did a great job translating this complicated emotional message.


Captain Fantastic

© Bleecker Street

Ben is the father of a very unusual family. They live away from civilization, and he is devoted to raising his 6 children with a strict physical and intellectual education, including such disciplines as mathematics, literature, and philosophy. A family tragedy is forcing them to move across the entire country, and the father is challenged with a question: what will happen to these kids who have never encountered civilization before?

This is a very wise and philosophic drama about family matters and children’s upbringing. And those with children will probably find it a very curious movie.


Flight Crew

This is a Russian movie about a young and talented pilot, Alexey Gushchin (performed by Danila Kozlovsky), who is literally obsessed by the sky and flying. But life brings him a trying ordeal when he has to risk his own life in order to save hundreds of others.

The movie keeps you in suspense from the beginning until the end and makes you empathize with the characters. An excellent movie.



© Walt Disney Pictures

This animated movie is so good we just couldn’t skip it. Zootopia is a metropolis with all kinds of animals for its citizens. New police officer Judy, a rabbit, and Nick, a fox, are trying to solve a case which threatens the whole city.

With this movie, you can laugh and cry and get worried along with the characters. The story gives some life lessons and will be loved by both children and adults.

Preview photo credit GRAVIER PRODUCTIONS
Based on materials from


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13 Overheard Stories Proving That Anyone Can Do Good Things

To make this world better, it is not necessary to be a rich person giving millions to charity. Sometimes it is enough to do little things: feed a hungry dog, help an old man carrying heavy bags, or just smile at someone.
We collected 13 stories proving that doing good things and turning this world into a better place is much easier than we used to think.

  • Once I saw a guy begging his wife to let him buy himself a kebab. She kept saying no, but when she turned her head away, another guy gave him a bite of his kebab. That’s what I call solidarity among men.
  • Today I donated blood. When I was on the bus, I suddenly felt unwell and fainted. All the passengers helped to revive me. On top of that, the driver changed the route and took me to the hospital without charging me anything. My phone and money fell out of my hands, and the passengers returned everything to me. It’s such a pity I didn’t have a chance to say thank you to all of them.
  • In McDonald’s a man came up to me and mumbled, “Could you please share your food with me? I haven’t eaten anything for 3 days. I can pay you back later.“ He took my phone number. After a couple of days, I received $20 on my phone account and a text saying, ”I promised…”
  • A few days ago, I was in a shop buying ice cream. At the cashier’s desk, I saw 3 little kids. They wanted to get some popsicles, but they didn’t have enough money. I gave them a few bucks. I wish you had seen their sparkling eyes!


  • A woman in a shop forgot a bag of Oreos at the cashier’s desk right in front of me. I was so tempted to keep it for myself, but I resisted. I ran after the lady and gave her the bag. Can you imagine anything like that? Giving a bag of Oreos to somebody you don’t even know! Insane!
  • I didn’t sleep for 2 days when I was writing reports for my job. Yesterday I fell asleep at work and woke up at home. My boss had called my husband to come and pick me up, and he gave me 2 days off.
  • It’s my day today. And it’s not my birthday. It’s the day when my parents adopted me. I am already 21, and today my husband and I adopted a girl from the same orphanage. Now we have our day on one and the same day.
  • I was running late for my first exam. My professor was very strict: if you were late, you failed automatically. I was rushing to the bus stop, and suddenly a policeman stopped me. I was crossing the road at an inappropriate place. I started crying and told him my story. He said emotionlessly, “Sit in the car, please.” I got into the car, and he smiled at me and asked where I needed to go. He gave me a ride with the emergency lights on.
  • A week ago, I was on the bus. All the seats were taken. At one stop, a girl got on. The heels of her shoes were about 4 inches high. I know myself how hard it is to stand in a moving vehicle in heels like those. I offered her my seat. The girl smiled and thanked me. I’d forgotten about the whole thing, but today I had to stand on a bus wearing high heels myself. Another understanding girl offered me her seat.


  • Today in the grocery store I saw an old man who had a bottle of milk in one hand and was counting coins with his other hand. It seemed like he didn’t have enough money to buy the milk. A guy came up behind him, dropped a $10 bill on the floor, and said to the old man, “I think you dropped something.“ Then he just walked away.
  • A homeless guy came up to me on the street and asked for some money to buy food for his friend. I didn’t give him any money but bought him a sandwich, and I decided to watch him a little. He turned around the corner, took a bite, and gave the rest to a dog with an injured paw.
  • I am a teacher in a middle school. One day I saw that my students went somewhere behind the school during their break. I thought they might be smoking, and I decided to watch them. I saw a shocking scene. The guys brought clothes and food to a homeless man that normally wandered around outside the school. It appeared that they’d spent their allowances to help the man. A week ago, we asked the principal to hire the man as a security guard for our school. Now he has a job and a place to live.
  • I got my pay check, and I took a little money to buy a bottle of water. When I was paying with a $10 bill, I saw that something was written on it. I paid with another bill and put that one in my pocket. Later I read what was written there: ”If you see a man in need, give him this bill. He needs it more than you do. Do something good.“Yesterday I was standing at a bus stop when a man came up to me and asked for some money to buy bread. I took that bill and gave it to him. He was so touched. After that, I took another $10 bill and wrote on it as follows: “If you see a man in need, give him this bill. He needs it more than you do. Do something good.” I hope there will be one more happy person.

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15 Striking Changes in North and South Korea After 70 Years of Separation

People who study Korean culture seem to believe that “everyone likes talking about North Korea because you can say anything about it.” However, news like Kim Jong-un using a flamethrower to burn one of his ministers or the announcement about the successful landing on the Sun can’t be proved.
we wants to shed some light on the life of ordinary people from North Korea in comparison to South Korea. The division of Korea has had a huge impact on life in both countries.


Pyongyang vs. Seoul

© Jen Morgan / flickr © Robert Müller / flickr

From the clouds, both capitals appear to be large megalopolises. The high-rise buildings in Pyongyang are almost the same as the apartment blocks in Seoul or Busan.


The common panorama

© David Stanley / flickr © el_ave / flickr

2 cities share a common panorama on the Han River, and the views from the opposite riverbanks are pretty much the same. Although suicide rates are quite high in South Korea, and bridge jumping is not uncommon. The thing is that some people can’t cope with the high level of interpersonal competition in South Korea. The idea of a measured rhythm of life doesn’t exist here. Everyone’s main goal is success and self-realization.



© commons.wikimedia © wikipedia

This is what the business districts look like in both capitals.


Residential areas

© Comrade Anatolii / flickr © benghancock / flickr

And these are the residential areas. It is interesting to know that people in North Korea do not pay housing and communal services bills: apartments are given to them for free after their marriage registration. A small apartment in South Korea, on the other hand, can cost up to $180,000.



© Cordelia Persen / flickr © Marcelo Druck / flickr

As for fashion, there are many false myths about it in North Korea: for example, a woman can’t wear pants, or there’s only a certain number of approved haircuts. Fairly fashionable clothes can be bought in the international supermarkets (for the rich people) or from sellers in China. Of course, there is no comparison with South Korea, considered to be one of the most stylishly dressed countries in the world. 50 years of fashion development separate these countries



© Uri Tours / flickr © USAG- Humphreys / flickr

Education in North Korea is based on 1 year of preparatory school and 10 years of compulsory studying. After that, young geniuses and rich kids enter universities, and the rest of the students start looking for a job. Western literature and geography are among the school subjects, but to demonstrate the Western way of life, teachers mainly use African countries. As for South Korea, school studying lasts for 12 years, and local universities are considered to be among the most prestigious in the world. Many students from different countries dream about an internship here.



© Marcelo Druck / flickr © Daa Nell / flickr

This is what a break from work looks like. As you can see, 70 years can’t erase old habits. What is the average salary that North Koreans make? You’ll be surprised, but it’s about $3 a day with tickets for food. The average salary in the south is about 1,000 times more.



© Marcelo Druck / flickr © Republic of Korea / flickr

The bright and energetic K-pop shocked defectors from the north. Actually, many defectors from North Korea take a 3-month course to adapt to modern life. If you want to know more about the process of merging into a new life, you can read the BBC’s investigation about it.



© Moravius / flickr © Julio Martínez / flickr

There is no famine in North Korea, but a shortage of fruits and vegetables is obvious, which is why apples and cabbages are very popular. The lack of protein-rich foods influences the average person’s height in comparison to South Koreans. To fill the protein gap, people started hunting frogs and turtles. Food carriages on the streets of big cities offer sausage sticks, ice cream, popcorn, and steamed meat buns. Seoul, on the other hand, can offer not only rich national cuisine but also many diverse European dishes.


Public transport

© Marcelo Druck / flickr © Honza Soukup / flickr

The story goes that Pyongyang has only 3 metro stations that are used only by foreigners. So not true! The metro system in North Korea was constructed several years before the one in Seoul, and all people are allowed to use it.

© Clay Gilliland / flickr © byeangel / flickr

You can’t buy a car in North Korea. Only military and government officials are awarded cars. That’s why people usually use public transport or bicycles.



© BRJ INC. / flickr © Marcelo Druck / flickr

Don’t think that the North Koreans have no gadgets at all. North Korea has its own factory that produces TVs, laptops, and smartphones (“Arirang” runs on Android). They are manufactured in China and branded in North Korea. Although few people have enough money to buy these kinds of goods.



© f © Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper / flickr

Your eyes don’t lie: North Korea has golf courses. Common citizens don’t play it, of course. They don’t even know what it actually is.

© Uri Tours / flickr © Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper / flickr

But the Munsu Water Park is known to everyone.



© taver / flickr © ginomempin / flickr

North Korea may be called the most closed and secretive country in the world, but you don’t have to believe every myth about it. We have all seen a photograph of the Korean Peninsula from space, where North Korea is a completely dark spot. But if you look closer, you might see that Vladivostok, the Eastern Russian city, and several cities in China seem to be deleted too.


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9 Kinds of Fish You Shouldn’t Eat

We all know that fish is both delicious and healthy. However, there are certain fish that will do you more harm than good.
We would like to tell you about 9 types of fish you should eat rarely or not at all. Take care!

© depositphotos © flickr

Catfish can grow to considerable size. To accelerate their growth, many fish farmers feed them hormones, especially those fish imported from Asian countries. Free-grown catfish are much less dangerous and more nutritionally valuable.


© depositphotos © flickr

Mackerel contains mercury, which is not cleared from but accumulated in the human body, causing various diseases. The Atlantic mackerel is the least dangerous in this regard, and you can eat it as much as you like.


© depositphotos © flickr

Tuna contains lots of mercury, especially blackfin and bluefin tuna. Additionally, there’s precious little free-grown tuna in the stores because it’s nearly extinct. All the fish comes from farms where it’s fed with antibiotics and hormones.


© depositphotos © flickr

There aren’t many healthy fatty acids in tilapia, yet the concentrations of harmful fatsin it are almost as high as in lard. Excess consumption of this fish leads to an increase in cholesterol levels and makes the body more sensitive to allergens.


© depositphotos © flickr

Eels have lots of fat, and thus easily absorb industrial and farm waste in the water. American species have the highest level of such intoxication. European eels are also known for being contaminated with large amounts of mercury.


© depositphotos © flickr

Most of the pangasius we see in our stores is brought from Vietnam, namely from the Mekong River that is considered one of the most contaminated water bodies in the world. Moreover, pangasius fillet contains an elevated level of nitrofurazone and polyphosphates (carcinogens).


© flickr © flickr

This fish is the leader in mercury contamination, and it’s often caught in breach of the rules, increasing the risk of food poisoning.


© depositphotos © flickr

Sea bass contains an ample amount of mercury. Sometimes, especially when it’s served as fillet, instead of sea bass you get pangasius or some other cheaper fish.


© depositphotos © flickr

This fish, more commonly known as oilfish, contains gempylotoxin — a waxy substance that is not metabolized at all. The toxin doesn’t do much harm, but it can cause indigestion. To reduce the levels of gempylotoxin, the fish should be fried or grilled.

Fresh fish always has shiny scales and clear eyes. Take a fish in your hands and look — a spoiled fish will have its tail lowered weakly. Dry fins and gray gills instead of bright red ones also point to staleness.

When buying live fish from a tank, make sure the water is clear. Choose fish that aren’t near the surface but closer to the bottom.

If you like fishing and then cooking the catch, check the water for mercury. It’s simple to do when you have a mercury analyzer.When buying salmon, choose chunks with white threads in them: if a chunk is completely red, it’s probably been dyed. Also, don’t take fish that has bright spots on its skin: it was caught during the spawning season, and its meat is bland.

Preview photo credit depositphotos
Based on materials from draxehealthlivestrong

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7 Personal Hygiene Rules We Break Every Day

The rules of hygiene and self-care are not that difficult, but we still tend to do some things wrong at times. Mistakes can cost us not only beauty but also health.
We is going to tell you about 7 common self-care mistakes and how to avoid them.


7. Covering your mouth with your hand when coughing or sneezing.

© depositphotos

When covering our mouths with our hands when coughing or sneezing, we help the germs get on our faces. The results are eruptions, reddening, and other not-so-delightful consequences. It is particularly dangerous with infectious diseases because rubbing your eyes with your hand could provoke an eyelid inflammation.

  • How to do it right: You should cover your mouth with a tissue, preferably a disposable paper tissue. If you don’t happen to have one, cover your mouth with your elbow crease.


6. Clipping your fingernails.

© depositphotos

The nail plate is made up of flakes piled onto each other like tiles. Using clippers deforms the structure of your nails: they start peeling and breaking.

  • How to do it right: If you need to cut long nails, clip them longer than you need to, then shape them as you wish with a file. In all other cases, just file them away.


5. Lining your lower lashes on the inside.

© depositphotos

The tip of your pencil, and especially the brush of a liquid liner, harbors bacteria that can cause an infection if they find their way to the eye mucosa. Mixing with tears, the eyeliner creates favorable conditions for their multiplication.

  • How to do it right: If you want to accent your lower lid, use eye shadows: apply them some distance away from the growth line of your eyelashes.


4. Picking your nose.

© depositphotos

Your fingers are home to germs that may cause an infection if they get inside your nose. That is especially dangerous if you have a blocked nose because an infection can spread from the nasal cavity to the sinuses and lead to sinusitis.

  • How to do it right: Wash your nose by drawing water from your palm with your left and right nostril alternately. Or, better still, use a special device.


3. Washing with shower gel every day.

© depositphotos

Our skin is inhabited by beneficial bacteria that protect it from infections and keep it naturally hydrated. Daily use of shower gel destroys this barrier. The body becomes more susceptible to various diseases, and the skin becomes drier, which can lead to eczema.

  • How to do it right: Daily use of soap and gel is only necessary on our hands, armpits, and the area below the belt. Other zones can get by with using gel once every 2 days


2. Using too much toothpaste.

© depositphotos

Too much toothpaste on the brush makes the bristles glide over the teeth instead of actually cleaning them, which greatly lowers the quality of brushing.

  • How to do it right: The recommended amount of toothpaste for adults is a pea-sized ball; for children — the size of a rice grain.


1. Using too much hair balm.

© depositphotos

Hair balms have a dense texture due to silicones and other components whose purpose is to make hair smooth and shiny. With too much balm applied, hair quickly becomes dirty. If the product gets on the scalp, the pores get clogged, which leads to increased greasiness and poor hair growth.

  • How to do it right: The optimal amount of balm is a drop the size of a small coin. It should be applied only to dry and split ends.

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If a Man Does These 12 Things, His Love for You Will Never End

Relationships are definitely not as simple as they look in Hollywood movies. An amorous look, butterflies in the stomach, a pure heart — it’s more about amorousness than love. Everyone wants to find a person whose feelings will last across time.

Today we describes situations that characterize not just an enamored guy but a man who is truly in love.

12. He keeps promises.


11. He respects your family and friends.


10. He doesn’t get jealous but instead feels proud to share his life with such a beautiful woman.


9. He prefers spending time with you rather than constantly hanging out with friends.


8. He’ll stay and listen to you if you’re really upset.


7. He asks you before deciding on next steps.


6. He accepts all your little flaws.


5. He prefers to make plans for the future together.


4. He takes care of your health.


3. He supports you in whatever you want to do if it makes you happy.


2. He makes your wishes come true.


1. He remembers every little thing you say.


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9 Things You Should Know to Survive in a Critical Situation

Anything can happen in life, including situations that threaten it. To prepare you for even the most unforeseen events, we will tell you 9 rules of survival that will help you cope with difficulties and may even save your life.


9. Make a fire from a phone battery.

If you get lost far away from civilization, your gadget will be useless unless you start a fire from its battery.

Many smartphones and tablets have lithium (Li-ion) batteries. If you pierce such a battery with something sharp, it’ll cause a chemical reaction that results in fire. All you need is to prepare firewood in advance.


8. Escape a rip current.

When swimming in the sea, we can face a dangerous phenomenon called “rip current“ or simply ”rip.” It can appear in any place. When we get caught with it, our instinct tells us to swim to the shore as quickly as possible. But, as a result, we only move away from it.

If you get caught in a rip tidedon’t swim straight to the shore: move diagonally or parallel to it to get out of the current. Rips aren’t wide, so you can swim across them to save your life.


7. Run away from a crocodile.

When moving in a straight line, a crocodile can run faster than a human. Yet, due to their short legs and elongated body, they’re clumsy on corners. This is why they won’t pursue a prey they are constantly losing sight of.

If a crocodile chases after you, run in zigzags to escape. And, in general, it’s better to stay as far away as possible from bodies of water where you can meet crocodiles and alligators.


6. If you are stung by a jellyfish.

A jellyfish sting can cause neurogenic shock, an allergic reaction, and a strong intoxication of the body. Here’s what you need to do to avoid or relieve the unpleasant consequences of such a meeting:

  1. Immediately clean the wound, and get rid of the remains of the tentacles. To avoid a new sting, don’t touch tentacles with your bare hands.
  2. Wash the sting area with salt water. Never ever use fresh water for this: it activates the stinging cells.
  3. To remove toxins, make a compress of apple cider vinegar or alcohol.
  4. Drink plenty of water, and visit a doctor. Water will help you recover faster, and the doctor will prescribe the necessary medicines.


5. Remember the “rules of 3.”

The rules of 3 are rules that show the average survival of a person under certain conditions.

  • 3 minutes without air, on average, until a person loses consciousness;
  • 3 days without water, after which comes life-threatening dehydration;
  • 3 weeks without food without serious damage to health. In a critical situation, the body is rebuilt and sometimes can do without food for a month.

When things aren’t going well, it’s worth remembering the “rules of 3” and setting priorities.


4. Glue a wound.

Let’s say you do repairs at your house: one careless move, and you cut your hand, and there are no bandages left. In this situation, you can use super glue. It not only pulls the ends of the wound together but also disinfects it. However, it’s still better to visit a doctor.


3. Don’t eat snow when you’re thirsty.

Some people think it’s a good idea to eat snow to quench thirst. Yet it’s better not to do this in a critical situation, and not because you can get a sore throat. The fact is cold snow will cool your body, and it will spend additional energy to keep warm.

You will waste additional energy and freeze more quickly. Rescuers recommend waiting until the snow melts before drinking it.


2. Extinguish a burning pan.

In a matter of seconds, a frying pan left unattended on the stove can catch fire. This happens if the oil gets too hot. In such a situation, never ever pour water on burning oil. It will make the fire bigger and stronger, and the oil will splash in all directions.

If the flame is small, you can pour baking soda in the pan: it absorbs oxygen. Yet the most effective way to avoid a fire is to cover the frying pan with a dense cotton cloth. An ordinary blanket or a stack of T-shirts from the closet will do.


1. If a cut is deep.

Many people believe that when you get cut it’s necessary to urgently remove the shard and clear the wound. It’s true. Yet if the wound is deep, you should never remove the object or shard.

It’s just like that children’s trick with water and a plastic bag. Having damaged large vessels, the shard blocks them. But as soon as you remove the object, the wound will start bleeding. Therefore, sometimes it’s better not to touch the place of injury at all until the ambulance arrives.

Usually we don’t say this, but we hope you’ll never have to use these tips. Stay safe.


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13 Optical Illusions That Will Leave You Bewildered

We has collected the most dazzling optical illusions. Some of them were interpreted a long time ago, while others will challenge your brain and still won’t give a logical explanation.

Here are 13 confusing visual phenomena that will prove your eyes can be deceived as easily as anything else.


Which way is the train going?

© Mighty Optical Illusions

You can change the direction by just thinking about it.


What color is the background?

© Rats–FunnyBone

It’s impossible to track. Do you also see spots dancing before your eyes?


Illusion of rotation

© Markus Raetz

A kinetic sculpture creates the illusion of a rotating head. Is yours spinning yet?


Find the way out of the maze

© CollegeHumor

How much time did it take you?How much time did it take you?


Hidden goose

© Igor Lysenko

Innovative surrealist works contain a profuse amount of conundrums and concealed images. Тhe artist hid an image of a goose in the picture above. Can you find it?


Don’t trust yourself


If you focus on the picture without blinking or looking away, it will disappear.


You are an artist, and the world is your palette

© Skytopia

© Skytopia

Look at the red dot in the middle of the top picture for a minute or two. Then scroll down to the second picture, and stare into the middle of that one.


Magic triangle


Are the dice positioned horizontally or vertically?


Pretty woman

© Mighty Optical Illusions

Look at the red dot on the girl’s nose for 30 seconds. Then look away at the wall, ceiling, or another solid-colored surface, and blink quickly.



© Jikoman

Scroll the picture up and down to escalate the effect.


Illusion of a shelf

© SlideShare

There is a yellow ball on the top shelf. How many balls are there on the bottom shelf?


Scintillating grid

© Wikipedia

Count the black dots.

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