Gratis Download Ebook Street Photography dalam Bahasa Inggris

Street Photography by wikipedia is one of the streams in photography. Street photography generally contains objects taken in public places in a candid condition or without direction.

Actually this article repost from one of the street photographer blog from Switzerland Thomas Leuthard. So far he himself has written 3 pieces of ebook on street photography.

Here is a list of ebooks and authors that I quote directly from the blog Thomas Leuthard, if you have an ebook on street photography in various languages, please share via comment. Hope this article useful.

Title Author  Year    Download 
Street Photography for the Purist Chris Weeks 2006 Link
Going Candid Thomas Leuthard 2011 Link
Collecting Souls Thomas Leuthard 2011 Link
Street Photography Alex Cogh 2011 Link
Street Faces Thomas Leuthard 2012 Link
31 Days to Overcome Your Fear of
Shooting Street Photography
Eric Kim 2012 Link
Black and White Street Art Photography Michail Fotografia 2013 Link
Street Photography Daniel Hoffmann 2013 Link
Wherever I my roam… Tobias Gaulke 2014 Link
The Street Photography Bible Michael Ernest Sweet 2014 Link
Creating impact: The Fundamentals
of storytelling in street photography
Marie Laigneau 2014 Link

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