Buy Cheap Ticket and Watch Crazy Wheels, The Deadly Attractions in Indonesia

The night market becomes an alternative of cheap entertainment for the middle class citizen. Many kinds of games for children are available there, Kemidi Ombak, Kincir-Kincir, Tongstan “attractions of death”, Little Bianglala, Playing Ball and also booths that sell cheap clothes, this activity will usually be present at every end of Ramadan til a few days after Eid Eid Fitr.

One of the most popular is the show crazy wheels (Satan Tube). Called the attraction of death because motorists drove with a certain speed inside the wall of a giant barrel with a slope of almost 90 degrees and occasionally do attractions such as hands off, standing on the motor, sitting sideways. This attraction is done not only with one motor, sometimes the drivers also make the bike as a show tool that will amaze the audience.

During the show the racer will grab the money that the audience lays over the giant barrels, they call it a “strike”. The results of this strike will be divided by several drivers who do the attraction of death in addition they will get a 25% share of the results of ticket sales visitors. Aries (rider) of youth from Sragen, Central Java has more than 6 years become a motorcycle rider at the Attraction Mengg Tongstan and Dayat (cyclists) of this Betawi-Padang mixed youth admitted that only a month to be cyclist at Attractions Maut Tongstan.

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